Fast, flexible, & affordable coverage

We know it isn’t just about getting coverage. It’s about getting the right coverage that's personalized, easy to adjust, and budget-friendly.

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A father and his daughter cross a river using giant leaves as umbrellas, a sign of Wysh’s flexible coverage for unique situations. 
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Coverage that grows with you

Wysh molds to your life. Just cover what you need today and adjust that coverage—anytime—as your life changes.

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A man floats with a golden umbrella to symbolize Wysh’s budget-friendly financial protection with term life insurance.

We’re basically the spandex of life insurance

Never too small, never too big, always the right fit.

A 25 year old with Wysh term life insurance coverage for $55k. 

From just you

25 years old
$55k coverage
A 60 year old man and his spouse are protected with a $287k coverage plan.

From just you

39 years old
$479k coverage
A middle-aged father with his wife and kid who are financially secure with a $479k policy.

From just you

60 years old
$287 coverage
Based on a male for a 40-year term in the preferred plus health class

The benefits of Wysh coverage

Three diversely styled umbrellas to show the different benefits Wysh coverage offers. 
Get covered in a few clicks

Wysh offers instant approval life insurance. You can easily apply for it no matter where you are or what device you’re using.

Keep track of your changing life

Paperwork and needles are a thing of the past. Just answer a few questions to determine your health status.

Lock in sign-up rates

If you’re as healthy in the future as you are now and you increase your coverage, you’ll get the same price as your younger self would have when you signed up.

Get coverage that lasts

All of our plans give you the option of extending your coverage until you’re 65. Pretty sweet, right?