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Claims are simple!

We make filing claims easy and compassionate. Our reliable Wysh Granter team supports beneficiaries however possible.

How to file a claim

Contact Support
To get started, you can contact claims support via email, phone +1 (844) 997-4457, Mon.-Fri. 9am - 5pm EST, or live chat. Whichever is more comfortable for you.
Gather Important Information
To help make the claims process a bit smoother, it’s good to have important information and specific documents handy. See what information you need.
Get Approved & Wyshes Granted
We can work with your beneficiaries to try to fulfill the Wyshes you made. This could mean paying off debts, the mortgage, or making a charitable donation.

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We’ve eliminated all the industry mumbo jumbo to answer your most burning questions.

What is a claim?

If a customer were to die while covered, a "claim" is how their loved ones would report their death. Generally, it is how we start the process of paying a death benefit to the beneficiaries (parents, significant others, child[ren], or whomever they designate). If applicable, it is also when we can work with the beneficiaries to pay off debts or help fulfill other Wyshes.

Who can file claim?

Anyone can file a claim, so long as they have the necessary documentation. However, only the designated beneficiaries are eligible to receive a death benefit and can work with the Wysh Granters to fulfill Wyshes. If someone who is not a beneficiary files a verified claim, then the beneficiaries (as outlined in the policy) will be contacted.

What are Wysh Granters?

Wysh Granters are our expert support and claims specialists! They are real people, right here in the U.S., that provide help daily to our members and their loved ones. If you need assistance with your claim or want to know more about Wysh, they are your go-to.
Going above and beyond an email or text, our Wysh Granters also work hand-in-hand with a policy holder’s loved ones when they file a claim. They can even deal directly with lenders to pay off debts.
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