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Acorns and Wysh Life Insurance

As an Acorns customer, you’re banking, saving, and investing smarter, every day. 
Wysh Life Insurance makes it simple to protect your assets and your family’s future!

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Why Wysh Life Insurance?

You’re already focused on financial success so getting coverage is a great next step! Once approved for a Wysh term life insurance policy, you can immediately protect who and what you love the most. We’ve re-imagined what life insurance can be and how it should look.

Digital experience

We make the online application process fast and easy. Apply anywhere at 
any time.

Flexible coverage

Get tailored coverage that can fluctuate and grow as your life changes.

Personalized plans

We let customers take control and decide how they want to protect their assets.

Customer service

Wysh Granters can help you apply for a plan, assist with the claims process, and answer any q’s.

Take your next big step towards financial protection. Our customizable term life insurance can help care for your loved ones even after you’re gone.

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What is term life insurance?

Term life insurance is a type of policy that lasts for 
a certain amount of years, say from now until your kids go to college. When you have an active policy and then pass away during this term, the insurance company would pay your beneficiaries (family, friends, or other loved ones) as part of that contract.

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Customize your coverage

Use our Wysh Builder tool to add the unique financial goals you want fulfilled, AKA Wyshes. Wyshes are your personalized financial dreams— from passing your investment to your kids, setting up a retirement fund, or donating to an eco-friendly charity, the choice is yours!

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Like Acorns, we love being able to offer our customers a seamless digital experience through the Wysh app. You can apply for a plan, change your coverage, add Wyshes, or talk to customer support.

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